MDUK Ltd launch their new Sovereign MSD. This drum uses the same maple wood shell as the Vanguard range, but now includes North American Maple hoops, custom made claws and carry hook and is available fully customised. The entry price is set at £375.00 and weighs less than its major competition. This drum sets new price and sound standards for the youth and adult marching band world. Stocks of all parts are held in the UK and drums are assembled to order in less than 15 working days!

As well as the Sovereign MSDs, MDUK recently announce the introduction of the Vanguard Bass drum range. Available in the New Year, the bass drums will be available in 24” and 26” diameters. All come with beaters and a ‘T’ harness to spread the weight of the drum across the shoulders evenly. These drum will offer the same value for money and superb sound as their smaller Vanguard MSD brothers. Full emblazonment service is available for bass drums.

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November 2015

October 2015
Nottingham High School have purchased a set of customised Vanguard drums for their new Corps of Drums. The school ordered six MSDs plus a bass drum and gave MDUK the challenge to bring their school crest to the fore on this great new set of drums.

When looking to start their new Corps of Drums, the Junior Leaders Adventure Corps from Great Yarmouth, turned to MDUK. Their order was for eight emblazoned Vanguard MSDs and a new Vanguard bass drum.

September 2015
Wiltshire Army Cadet select Vanguard drums to re-equip their Corps of Drums. The order included custom crests that reflected their origins and the support they receive from the Swindon Lions Club.

The Newtownabbey Flute and Drum Band, in Northern Ireland have now received their set of six emblazoned Vanguard drums. The drums have the distinctive black and silver crest which make them stand out well in a crowd.

August 2015
The Air Cadet Organisation Music Services selects Vanguard MSDs for the ACO National Marching Band. The ACO ordered ten 12” and requested a further 8 of their existing drums be customised to look like their new Vanguards.

This order involved the creation of a new style of crest that is being rolled out to all Air cadet bands as they upgrade or renew their drums. Air Cadet Bands wishing to add new drums or bring their existing instruments in-line, should contact MDUK.

May 2015
MDUK sell their first drums north of the border to the Bathgate Squadron of the ATC. Customised with the Scotland and Northern Ireland Wing crest, the Bathgate squadron purchased four 12” Vanguard MSDs and three 10” Vanguards MSDs

Corby Purple Star Flute and Drum band take delivery of their Vanguard drums. Emblazoned in their highly distinctive crest these drum went straight into action the day after delivery.

April 2015
Dunstable Air Cadets select the MDUK Vanguard drum for their new band. MDUK delivered 3 drums in double quick time to allow these young people start their journey to the parade ground.

March 2015
The famous Royal Hospital School choose the Vanguard MSD from MDUK for their popular marching band. The delivery is achieved in 15 working days, and that includes customising of all 10 drums with the schools crest.

February 2015
MDUK Ltd launch their new Vanguard Series military side drum. This drum was designed to provide an alternative to the existing drums on the market at the breakthrough price of £245 each. Using top grade materials and cost effective design techniques, the Vanguard MSD is available from large stocks held in the UK.

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